Types of Afternoon Tea

$20 Cream tea – a selection of tea, scones, and a cup of whipped cream.

$25 Strawberry tea – tea, scones, cup of whipped cream and cup of strawberries.

$45 Light tea – tea, scones, assorted cookies and a pastry item, cup of whipped cream, assorted fruits.

$75 Full tea – tea, savory item (select one mini quiche, savoury croissant or sandwich, assorted macarons (3), assorted cookies, tea scones, pastry item, a cup of whipped cream, assorted fruits, one glass of juice. This tea service is enough for two people.

Champagne tea – select any tea service PLUS champagne (choose per glass or share a bottle). Price for a selected tea service plus a cost of selected champagne (choose between two price points for champagne).

Teddy Bear tea – choose between cream, strawberry, light or full tea plus every participant gets a Teddy bear. Price for the toy is extra ($20).